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sunglass accessories

Sunglass  SHOP NOW

Smith Sunglass cases, retainers, RX adaptors and sunglass care products to protect your Smith Optics Sunglasses.

prescription accessories

Prescription  SHOP NOW

Smith Prescription glass cases, retainers, RX adaptors and glasses care products to protect your Smith Optics Prescription Eyewear.

Goggle Accessories

Goggle/Off Road  SHOP NOW

Smith Snow Goggle cases, snow erasers, smudgebusters and RX adaptors and goggle care products to protect your Smith Optics Goggles.

Helmet Accessories

Helmet  SHOP NOW

Skullcandy audio systems integrate with Smith Helmets and allows hands free music listening and cell phone availability. These all inclusive systems provide audio connectivity, phone jacks that fit most cell phones, and adjustable volume control.

tactical accessories

Tactical  SHOP NOW

Through innovation, engineering, and integration our mission is to deliver the highest performing ballistic eye protection available to the tactical athlete.

ODS3 Adaptor

ODS3 Rx Adaptor  SHOP NOW

The ODS3 RX Adaptor integrates seamlessly into the PivLocks and the Phenom Turbo Fan snow goggles. The RX Adaptor easily snaps into place to provide the corrective vision required while maintaining an amazing field of view.