FOREFRONT Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®

the Overtake

Redefining protection, ventilation and aerodynamics


Available this fall

Forefront Helmet
Overtake your competition with this revolutionary NEW helmet. Providing maximum ventilation, superior aerodynamics and improved protection, the Overtake is the ultimate racing helmet and a must have for any cyclist, in any event. Integrating proprietary technologies with best-in-class protection options, the AEROCORE™ construction featuring Koroyd® and MIPS® optional linings make the Overtake your ticket to ride.
FOREFRONT Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®

Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®



Smith's objective and design philosophy behind AEROCORE™ construction is to increase airflow, improve temperature regulation resulting in fog-free vision and improve impact resistance. The objective was achieved through the combination of materials such as EPS and Koroyd®, a revolutionary new material that absorbs more energy upon impact when compared to international standards, while increasing airflow. AEROCORE™ construction through the use of Koroyd® and EPS allows for more vents to be placed throughout the helmet without sacrificing protection and comfort.


Engineered Absorption

Engineered Absorption

The combination of Koroyd's® precise and unique thermal welding process leads to a structure with both extremely efficient and consistent energy absorption properties. Upon impact, the cores crush in a completely controlled manner, decelerating the energy from the impact and reducing the final trauma levels.
Full Breathability

Full Breathability

Koroyd® is an energy absorber which is fully breathable and doesn't compromise impact performance. Koroyd's® open cell construction allows cool air in, while expelling hot air from the rider's head. The completely open cell construction integrates with internal channels to create the full Aerocore construction to provide ventilated protection.
Engineered Protection

Engineered Protection

Thousands of co-polymer extruded tubes, thermally welded to create an unparalleled consistent and fully engineered core. Each Koroyd® section is engineered to precise durometer, size, and thickness specifications to provide the greatest impact resistance and aesthetically consistent presentation.
FOREFRONT Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®



Available With Mips


Multi-directional Impact Protection System

MIPS is used to reduce the rotational forces to the brain in the case of an oblique impact. Smith helmets are created to absorb direct impacts very efficiently and when combined with MIPS, Smith helmets absorb oblique forces better by allowing a small rotation of the outer shell relative to the liner.
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MIPS In action

When you fall to the ground at an angle rotational forces are generated. A helmet integrating MIPS technology creates a sliding layer between the outer shell and the head. This allows the helmet's outer shell to slide relative to the head when hitting the ground, so the rotational force is decreased, reducing the potential to damage your brain.

Stress Levels

Engineered Absorption
Simulated deformation of the brain from angled impact when the user is wearing a helmet with and without MIPS.
FOREFRONT Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®




No one questions wind tunnel data and we are not about to start. However, the science does require expertise. Through a partnership with the FASTER wind tunnel and world-renowned aerodynamicist Len Brownlie, we tested the new Overtake against the current best-in-class helmets using the Wind Averaged Drag (WAD) methodology. This methodology was developed for the automobile industry decades ago but at Len’s direction, has been modified for cycling-specific tests.

To make it as simple as possible for athletes and consumers to understand, the WAD method aggregates the drag measurements from several discrete yaw angles into a single “wind averaged” measure of drag. This provides final estimated time savings for a 40k time trial.


As the results show, the Overtake is nearly identical in aerodynamics to the Evade. With superior ventilation, protection and lower weight, the Overtake truly leads.
MODEL WAD at 25mph (40k/h) Time saved over 40k TT at 25mph (40k/h)
Specialized Evade 409 0.0 seconds
Smith Overtake 412 +1.06 seconds
Giro Air Attack 419 +4.15 seconds
Giro Aeon 474 +26.8 seconds
*time difference v. baseline model


Engineered Absorption
Computational Fluid Dynamics, or CFD, can be used to measure the aerodynamics of different items. From NASA’s Space Shuttle to modern day cycling helmets, CFD eliminates the guesswork and provides a very accurate aerodynamic forecast.

In development of the new Overtake, we used Coolit® CFD to compare multiple design variations against the current best-in-class. As shown in the illustrations above, the Overtake produced very competitive results. In analyzing CFD data, the red or 'brighter' colors show greater drag, while the purple or 'darker' areas show less drag.

When you combine the CFD development with wind tunnel validation then add in fit, ventilation, and protection, we will put the Overtake up against any helmet in the market.

Coolit® is a product of Daat Research Corp.,


Full Breathability
Temperature control has a major effect on a rider’s performance. The Overtake’s AEROCORETM construction allows us to create a helmet that ventilates in a new, and protective way. By integrating the patented Koroyd® tubular structure with traditional EPS, both active and passive ventilation systems allow the rider's head to exhaust more heat.

The 360-degree fit system and minimal padding effectively suspend the helmet off of the rider’s head allowing each and every Koroyd® tube to constantly evacuate hot air. The result is that instead of building up pools of sweat that then come in contact with air as it passes under the vent giving the traditional ‘cooling effect’, heat is constantly escaping to keep the rider cooler, longer.


Full Breathability
Weight is an absolute value but not the only one we care about. At Smith, we create helmets with the goal to be as light as possible, but also with the goal of providing best-in-class protection, fit, and aerodynamic performance. At 250g you may find a lighter helmet but you won’t find one that aids your overall comfort, safety and performance better than ours.
FOREFRONT Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®



Eyewear and helmets need to integrate first and foremost when worn together. For long climbs or post-ride chats, we have integrated an eyewear dock that allows you to easily store your sunglasses back or front-facing. The choice is yours.


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Optical performance is everything in eyewear. What's also hyper-important is field of view.

Created using our "only the essentials" design ethos, the new frameless PivlockTM sunglasses allow you to see farther ahead while staying relaxed. Whether in time trial or climbing mode, the completely unobstructed field of view keeps your neck and shoulder muscles in a more relaxed position than your competition. You only have so much energy, so why not put it toward your pedal stroke instead of your vision?


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Smith Helmets and Eyewear are designed to fit and function as a single system. Click to view all Performance Eyewear
FOREFRONT Aerocore™ Construction Featuring KOROYD®

reviews and buzz

Engineered Absorption
The all-new Smith Overtake was designed from the ground up for the road, and it’s light enough, cool enough, aero enough, and simply clever enough to compete with the best.
- Logan VonBokel,
Engineered Absorption
Last year Smith launched its first bicycle helmet, the Forefront. While the helmet was intended for mountain bike riders, it debuted technology never before seen in the cycling world - Aerocore construction... While this remains to be seen through long term test, one thing is certain, with Koroyd material and Aerocore construction no other helmet on the road looks like the Smith Overtake and in today's derivative helmet market that is truly something special.
- Phil Booth,
Engineered Absorption
A three-hour ride on a hot day in inland San Diego served as an ideal test platform. There wasn’t much terribly noticeable positively or negatively. I never felt that the crown was heavy, and I never felt as though the helmet wasn’t taking in cool air or porting out hot air; it was simply, quietly doing its job admirably on a hot day.
- Jay Prasuhn,