ChromaPop+ Polarchromic Ignitor

See more with ChromaPop™. When you see more you can do more. Our proprietary ChromaPop™ lens technology enhances clarity and natural color to let you effortlessly see more detail. More detail gives you the advantage needed to perform confidently and have more fun. Precisely aligned polarization filters out 99.9% of glare. The Polarchromic lens tint automatically darkens to adapt your vision in bright conditions. Provides 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.

VLT = 12-20%

TortoiseChromaPop+  Polarized Brown


ChromaPop+ Polarized Brown

Matte BlackChromaPop+  Polarized Bronze Mirror

Matte Black

ChromaPop+ Polarized Bronze Mirror

BlackChromaPop+  Polarized Gray Green


ChromaPop+ Polarized Gray Green

BlackChromaPop+  Polarchromic Ignitor


ChromaPop+ Polarchromic Ignitor

Matte BlackChromaPop+  Polarized Blue Mirror

Matte Black

ChromaPop+ Polarized Blue Mirror

TortoisePolarized Brown


Polarized Brown

Matte CamoPolarized Gray

Matte Camo

Polarized Gray

The ChromaPop Difference

Product Features

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