Techlite Polarchromic Ignitor

Polarchromic Ignitor maximizes colors and depth perception while reducing glare. Suited for all day use in high altitudes or open water environments. The Polarchromic lens tint automatically darkens to adapt your vision in bright conditions. Anti-Reflective (A/R) mirror coating eliminates back glare. Hydroleophobic coating repels water, dirt, and grease. Provides 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.

VLT = 12-18%

BlackTechlite Polarchromic Copper Mirror


Techlite Polarchromic Copper Mirror

Matte BlackTechlite Polarchromic Ignitor

Matte Black

Techlite Polarchromic Ignitor

Matte TortoiseTechlite Polarchromic Ignitor

Matte Tortoise

Techlite Polarchromic Ignitor

BlackTechlite Polarized Blue Mirror


Techlite Polarized Blue Mirror

BlackTechlite Polarized Gray Green


Techlite Polarized Gray Green

TortoiseTechlite Polarized Brown


Techlite Polarized Brown

Product Features

  • Hydrophilic megol nose and temple pads
  • Medium fit / medium coverage
  • Techlite polarized glass TLT lenses
  • Evolve frame material
  • Anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lens coatings
  • 8 base lens curvature
  • 58 35 16 125

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