Sienna Gradient

A warm brown colored lens that presents a gradual darkening of the coloration from top to bottom. These lenses block light from above without affecting the direct view, transitioning to lighter appearance beneath the mid point of the lens height. Provides 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.

VLT = 20%

Scarlet FadeSienna Gradient

Scarlet Fade

Sienna Gradient

Black LagoonChromaPop Polarized Gray Green

Black Lagoon

ChromaPop Polarized Gray Green

Vintage TortoiseChromaPop Polarized Brown

Vintage Tortoise

ChromaPop Polarized Brown

Vintage TortoisePolarized Brown

Vintage Tortoise

Polarized Brown

Root Beer FadePolarized Brown

Root Beer Fade

Polarized Brown

Product Features

  • Medium Fit / Medium Coverage
  • Carbonic Lenses
  • Frame Measurements 58-16-125
  • 58 46 15 125

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