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Mike Gleason
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Mike Gleason


New Jersey can be cold and it can be tough. Its residents are known as blue-collar, hardworking people who’ll give you the shirt off their back if you need it and nobody represents that more than Smith Athlete Mike Gleason. All winter long the Garden State water freezes, the waves can be perfect, and Mike loves every minute of it. You can find frozen clips and photos of him getting pitted in the famous “Jersey Juice” with the combination of speed and power he’s known for. It’s hard for him to leave his beloved home yet, despite that, he can be found following the Volcom program around the world chasing tubes in places such as Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Indonesia, Mexico, and Scotland. And if the waves aren’t good, the inner caveman in Mike shows up, grabs his fishing poles, and searches the Jersey Shore for the biggest lunkers he can find.