INEOS Sailing


Vereinigtes Königreich

Backed by INEOS Founder and Chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe and led by the most successful Olympic sailor of all time, Sir Ben Ainslie, INEOS TEAM UK boasts a crew of some of the world’s best and most experienced sailors. INEOS TEAM UK Team Principal and Skipper Sir Ben Ainslie said: “We have already seen the benefits in our training of being able to rely on SMITH products onboard our race boat, Britannia. SMITH’s sunglasses, goggles and helmets are all of the highest quality. Aside from the performance benefit the improved visibility the eyewear gives us when on the water, each of the SMITH products also enable us to fulfill one of our most important responsibilities every time we head out sailing, protecting all our team members and keeping all our crew as safe as possible”.

SMITH has been selected by the team to provide the technical equipment needed to compete in these extreme challenges, and the partnership is seeing the team using customized helmets and goggles from SMITH’s collection, adapted for life on the water. SMITH stays true to its vision of pioneering advanced products, such as the polarized lens technology, ChromaPop™ that will be used in the glasses and goggles that the INEOS TEAM UK is wearing.


  • 2016 TWS Riders’ Poll Video Part Of The Year
  • 2014 TWS Riders’ Poll Video Part Of The Year
  • 2013 Winter X Games Snowboard Street Gold Medal
  • 2013 Winter X Games Real Snow Gold Medal
  • 2012 Winter X Games Real Snow Fan Favorite