Shyanne Orvis


Aspen, Colorado

Shyanne Orvis never had much interest in the hobbies of most girls. Barbies were pretty but she spent her childhood days roaming the Michigan woods, only to come home scraped, dirty, and cold. That built grit and determination. A grit and determination that allowed her to persevere through a rocky childhood. A grit and determination that has allowed her to craft her own path and success in a male-dominated sport. A grit and determination that has made her a strong role model for young women. However, she is anything but gritty. She has an infectious smile, an easy-going attitude, and tons of energy. Energy that takes her around the globe chasing different species on fly. And, when you meet her, you are instantly at ease.

Shyanne is a fly-fishing guide on the world-renowned Gold Medals rivers in Aspen Colorado. The heritage and passion for fishing runs through her blood. As a young child, her parents would take her along on their fishing excursions – she’d watch while they hooked salmon to take home for dinner. In the early days it was mostly conventional but once she was introduced to fly fishing, the passion “consumed her”. For her, fly fishing was exciting and calming at the same time. It kept her grounded and connected to the outdoors. It became the quiet in the storm. Now she’s made it her mission to introduce this sport to clients, friends, children and women.

Fun Facts

  • Her entire family has been obsessed with fishing for generations
  • She leads “Ladies On The Fly” fly fishing clinics
  • Shyanne is also a mentor to young students through a non-profit Fish For Change and a high school program called Coal Ridge High School Fly Fishing