Junichi Nakane



Growing up near the ocean in Yokohama, Japan, Jun started fishing when he was 6 years old. He began fishing with a lure rod, but by the time he was 12 Jun was inspired by his father to take up fly fishing. Jun now enjoys all types of fly fishing, but his specialty is on salt water… he loves casting. 

At an early age, Jun also developed a passion for art, he loves to paint and draw all types of fish. Jun’s life accomplishments also include his time in the music industry, where in his 20’s he played in a rock band. After he turned 30, Jun transitioned to work for a well know record company, and a few years later started composing music. Through all of this, Jun never lost his passion for fly fishing, along with fishing Jun is now a professional editor and graphic designer. 

Jun organizes CASTOUT, which host fly casting sessions, fly fishing events and guiding tours. Jun has also written many saltwater fly fishing books and has contributed to Japanese fly fishing magazines including Flyfisher and Flyrodders.

Fun Facts

  • IFF Certified Casting Instructor
  • Author of Salty Flies, published by Tsuribito-sha
  • Author of Salty Talks, published by Tsuribito-sha
  • Patagonia Fly Fishing Ambassador