ChromaPop™ Polarized Platinum

A comfortable gray base lens with a polished deep platinum mirror, and boosted with ChromaPop color enhancement technology to maximize clarity and help you effortlessly see more detail. Great for environments with high sun exposure, this lens will keep glare away from your eyes and will maintain a color contrasting balance while increasing color response. This lens is polarized and built on our carbonic platform.

VLT = 15%

Matte BlackChromaPop™ Polarized Platinum

Matte Black

ChromaPop™ Polarized Platinum

TortoiseChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror


ChromaPop™ Polarized Bronze Mirror

BlackChromaPop™ Polarized Gray Green


ChromaPop™ Polarized Gray Green

TortoiseChromaPop™ Polarized Brown


ChromaPop™ Polarized Brown

Product Features

  • Lens options: ChromaPop+ or ChromaPop™ polarized lenses
  • 71 71 37 37 16 16 115 115

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