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ChromaPop™ Brown

A high contrast brown lens boosted with signature ChromaPop color enhancement technology to maximize clarity and help you effortlessly see more detail. Ideal for everyday use, and particularly pleasant when scenery is abundant while you're spending time on the trail or road. This lens is built on our carbonic lens platform.

VLT = 14%

Matte GravyChromaPop™ Brown

Matte Gravy

ChromaPop™ Brown

Matte BlackChromaPop™ Gray Green

Matte Black

ChromaPop™ Gray Green

Lowdown Focus

Product Features

  • The first Brain Sensing Eyewear™ that gives instant feedback on what’s happening in your brain during cognitive training sessions with the Smith Focus App
  • Personalized data tracking, challenges, and rewards
  • Syncs with Smith Focus App featuring 3 programs to specifically target cognitive performance
  • ChromaPop™ lenses
  • 56 56 16 16 150 150

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