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Captain C.A. Richardson
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Captain C.A. Richardson


Born in Charleston, South Carolina in 1965 and then moved to St. Petersburg in 1967 where C.A. honed his angling skills on the beaches, piers, and inshore flats of Tampa Bay. As a teen he spent countless hours casting artificial lures and buck tail jigs to trout, snook, tarpon, and redfish, unwittingly preparing himself to be a professional angler later in his adult life. After much success in regional tournaments throughout the 80’s & 90’s, he decided to jump into the realm of professional tournament fishing and made a name for himself on a national level, competing in venues from North Carolina to Texas…and learning a lot along the way about localized techniques with light tackle. These various experiences helped shape his guide business in Tampa Bay with his clientele who enjoy catching inshore species on nothing but artificial baits. Along the way in his guiding career, he saw a need for knowledge especially with novice and intermediate level anglers who wanted to learn the finer points of inshore fishing particularly with the use of artificial lures & fly; hence he created the Flats Class (fishing school) in 2001. Flats Class was a popular traveling fishing school, led by C.A. and taught in part by regional inshore pros with him and was an instant success with anglers eager to learn. Eventually these classes became the launching pad for Flats Class TV. Several years later the opportunity to bring Flats Class to television with the aid of Forrest Fox Productions and veteran cameraman Dan Larson arose and the rest is history; Flats Class TV has won two industry awards since debuting in 2007 and is annually nominated. Currently, C.A. has put his competitive career behind him to get back to his flats fishing roots with his primary focus now being the continued development of Flats Class TV, Salt Strong (online courses) and his ultra-successful Flats Class Charter business.