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Casey Anderson
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Casey Anderson


Casey Anderson, emerging from the depths of Northern Nevada wilderness, little is known of the elusive creatures origins other than that he was raised by transient res dogs for a period of his youth. Rumors are, that the mystical marks upon his face summon monster trout from the depths. Though his looks may be frightening his kindness and care for nature disarms him. Aside from being a magnet to monster hogs, Casey also slings mad ink with his "tat gat" in his locale of Reno, Nevada. If you ever get to talk with him in person, he will string you a yarn of tales that will blow your damn mind. Find him at Pyramid Lake rocking some wicked shades. He has a lengthy list of accomplishments that are too bad ass to list and to show to mere mortals; but to name a few:


  • 1760-present master wizard of the fishes
  • President of Pyramid Fly Co. Pyramid Lake, Nevada
  • Trout whisperer of North America man of the year 1900, 1972, 1986, and 2007