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Drew Gregory
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Drew Gregory


Super blessed to be known as one of the pioneers of modern day kayak fishing (don't forget the Inuits and other Indians were truly the first!). My favorite type of kayak fishing is freshwater rivers, where the scenery, environment and challenges are always changing, which keeps you on your, paddle. Teaming up with Jackson Kayak in 2009 to design my signature series kayak, the Coosa, really catapulted my kayak fishing career. Now I am blessed to not just work for Jackson Kayak, but SMITH and all others who sponsor my show, Hooked on Wild Waters.

Background: Since I was a little kid I've been obsessed with fishing in wild places; rivers, creeks, beaver ponds, inshore salt etc. It is definitely no surprise that the name of my TV show is Hooked on Wild Waters. I never knew my path would take me where I am today. I mean, I never saw a professional "Kayak Angler" booth at the job fair in high school. However, after graduation from my high school in Atlanta I went on to college in Tennessee. My favorite past time was always fishing, but I still didn't know what I wanted to do for a career so I went back to Atlanta to obtain my masters in Sports Management. Finally, after one of my first jobs in the "real world," I realized that as much fun as I was having as the Director of Campus Recreation at a small SC University, maybe I could do something even more fun to make a living. People questioned what I was doing, thought I was crazy and didn't think anyone could "kayak fish" for a living. I prayed about it and sure enough I knew it was what I was supposed to do. Follow your dreams and don't give up!

Passion: Fishing in any wild place. It takes hard work to get to some of these places, but once you do it is all worth it. The fish are more aggressive, the scenery is incredible and the other wildlife you see makes fishing wild waters truly a unique experience.

Personality: I'm overly excited and always optimistic, whether it is when I just push off for a kayak fishing trip or in everyday life. I figure we don't have enough time on this planet to be too worried or concerned about all the little things that get in our way and try to hold us down.

Other Interests: My only other interest is my wife, dogs and soon to be baby boy (due June 10, 2018)...and trying to play as much golf as I can! Which, on the course, by the way, is another great place that my SMITHS come in very handy.