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Jared Raskob
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Jared Raskob


Jared is the host of Silver Kings and was born in Orangeville, Ontario in 1989 and has lived in the Florida Keys since the age of two. At the age of seven, Jared was introduced to his first skiff and began exploring the local waters. This is when his passion for fishing ignited. Jared first picked up a fly rod at the age of thirteen and spent the majority of his adolescence fine-tuning his craft. At the ripe old age of nineteen, Jared became a licensed fishing guide. His career has been established through winning many highly competitive tournaments and through the positive accolades he has obtained from his clients and friends. His proudest and most challenging achievement was winning the 2015 Gold Cup Tarpon Tournament. Through his knowledge and dedication to the sport, Jared hopes to create the same thrill that he experiences daily for each and every angler that steps onto the bow of his boat.