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Jonathan "Redbeard" Jones
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Jonathan "Redbeard" Jones


Jonathan Jones, a.k.a. Redbeard, was born and raised in Sydney Australia where he grew up skateboarding and snowboarding. At the young age of 15, he left home to pursue a career in photography and snowboarding. After many years of traveling the world partying and having one hell of a time, he started to get back to his roots and found himself fishing more and more. Sick of working part time photography gigs and the odd dishwashing jobs, he eventually quit all them all and packed his gear to become a fly fishing bum. A few years down the road, it has taken over his life in so many ways, “I'm where I'm at today because of fly fishing and the enjoyment and excitement it brings into my life, says Jonathan. “From filmmaking, to guiding, to the people you meet along the way—the places we go is what keeps me looking for the next adventure.” Background: Just a fun loving Aussie. Passion: All things outdoors, art , fly fishing, and good old rap music. Personality: I’d say most people who meet me would say I'm a little insane with a mind that think out side the box. Other Interests: Travel, photography. Accomplishments: Waking up every day. A true accomplishment for me came last year when I received an email form someone saying how much my fly fishing antics and adventures had change there life for the better and that it had given them the foul to follow there dreams in life.


  • To be truthful, there have been so many highlights from fly fishing adventures and films to meeting great people along the way in some of the most spectacular places around the globe.