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Patrick Duke
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Patrick Duke


Patrick has been fishing and creating artwork for as long as he can remember. His father put a fly rod in his hand when he was five, and he started tying flies when he was seven. Over the years, he grew to appreciate the unique challenges that fly-fishing has to offer. For him, fly fishing has evolved from an appreciation to an obsession. That obsession has taken him from backyard creeks to jungle lagoons and all across the world. As a result, he's been inflicting friends, family, and clients with this obsession as a professional fly fishing guide in Western Colorado for over fifteen years. In the last five years, he's been hosting anglers to some of his favorite fly fishing destinations around the world; Russia, Mexico, South America. As a child, he also found himself compelled to capture his time spent outdoors. When he wasn't outside, he was home drawing and recreating his experiences both seen and felt from nature. He now draws upon his countless hours outdoors to provide the inspirations for his landscape paintings. Navigating a career path concentric with both his art and angling is what he considers his greatest achievement. He's never chosen a work field base on the money; it's the lifestyle and personal fulfillment these career paths afford that has always appealed. Fly-Fishing has taken him around the world, introduced him to his closest friends, granted him his best stories, and will continue to influence both his life and artwork forevermore.