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Sarah Landström
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Sarah Landström


Straight from a small town in the Mitten, Sarah Landström grew up surrounded by fresh water and midwest fishing culture. Unafraid to ruffle feathers, her sass and energy has helped her push past outdated ideas so she could do what she loves, from growing up playing football to fly fishing. Sarah is part of the group of women, and other under represented peoples, making a push for inclusion and recognition in fly fishing culture. She has lived all over the US, and even did a short stint in Ireland, all of which she viewed as new places to explore and fish to catch. Sarah is now a professional artist that incorporates her love for fly fishing into her vibrant large scale paintings! Currently living in San Francisco, CA she continues to rough new landscapes in order to find inspiration for both her artistic practice as well as her fishing practice. Endless unique species in the Sierra Mountains have captured her for now, until the next place inevitably draws her in!


Background: Sarah is an artist and nomad living who studied classical painting at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. By working with various outfitters and art organizations, she is able to travel all the world painting and fly fishing. She is now living in San Francisco California fishing the surf and heading to the Sierras for trout!


Passion:Painting and Fly Fishing

Personality: Bubbly and energetic turned Sassy

Other Interests: Backpacking, Trail Running, Climbing, Writing


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