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The Smith Focus App is used in conjunction with The Smith Lowdown Focus eyewear

Life and sport are filled with chaos and distraction. Now there is a way to mentally train for better focus and concentration. The Smith Focus app is designed to work with The Smith Lowdown Focus eyewear, and can help you develop a heightened sense of self-awareness through cognitive training. The integrated brain sensing EEG technology in our Lowdown Focus eyewear provides real time audio feedback on your brain’s activity level to help you learn how to control your focus.

With cues to focus on breathing, Lowdown Focus and the Smith Focus App can help you train to improve your minds ability to concentrate, find calm, lower anxiety, increased accuracy, and improve visualization – all proven to increase performance and well-being

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Lowdown Focus Brain Sensing Eyewear™ is the world’s first to give instant feedback on your brain’s level of activity.

The app features a series of courses designed to help you learn how to use Lowdown Focus for cognitive training, and build a practice.

Scheduled cognitive training sessions to help you push your cognitive training boundaries.

Guided Training packs for better sleep, physical performance, relaxation, and focus.

Tailor your cognitive training experience with different soundscapes and session lengths from 1 minute to 3 hours long

Personalized tracking, challenges, and rewards.

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