Beyond the daily grind.

The Route and Rover with Aerocore™ Construction featuring Koroyd® for the everyday rider.

Everyday Riders


Commercial Finance

The bike is pretty much a part of everything I do.

Working locally in a commercial finance department for a sportswear company, Abby commutes by bike everyday. She loves her dog and good coffee. She talks about her day, not in terms of her desk job, but what adventure she went on. She’s gets after it on her road and mountain bike, enthusiastically bringing others into the riding fold.


Art Director

I’d definitely ride more if I could. But I’d say that too if I rode 100 miles every single day, I’d still feel that way.

Art director for a renowned creative agency, Carlos spends his days and often long nights creating story boards and motion graphics for clients. But work is second to his passion for bike culture: its famous races, classic frames, and stories personalities. He keeps a collection of vintage frames in his garage and an ever-growing collection of bike caps.



The bike for me is a part of my life from commuting and just stress relief. Yea, its how I get most my exercise.

Journeyman and bartender, Nolan works at a bar on Mississippi Ave. He has a fledgling wood working side project and a garage full of bikes and bike tools. The bike for Nolan is a vehicle of exploration, as well as his daily driver. He throws either his road, mountain, or gravel bike into his van and goes. Lately, he’s been loading up and strapping his panniers to his adventure bike and riding from Portland out to the coast on days off.


Pro Skier

The feeling that you get from biking is these build ups and crescendos into moments. It leads to those points ‘what cool view, what cool experience, what a cool feeling.

Regarded as one of the world’s best skiers, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa chases his thrills down the some of the steepest winter lines. It’s not your typical day job, but its his j-o-b. When his winter ends though and he’s back home with family on their farm in Bend, Oregon he chases brown pow’ on his mountain bike.