Tess Coady

Snowboarding Slopestyle & Big Air - @tess_coady

St. Kilda, Australia

Growing up in our house in St Kilda, it seemed like every waking minute which wasn’t spent asleep or in the classroom, myself and my three siblings were being entertained by a sport of any kind. Whether it was gymnastics, swimming, surf life-saving, basketball, diving…you name it, we did it. By the age of 10 I had tried just about every sport under the sun, until snowboarding came along and changed everything! Snowboarding became a big part of the lifestyle in the Coady household. What started off as weekend trips up to the mountains quickly grew into local competitions, followed by overseas trips and international events. My love for snowboarding has only grown over the years, and I am so grateful to be able to travel the world and snowboard, it truly is the best. When I’m not snowboarding, I love to spend my spare time surfing in Australia and catching up with my family.

Ask Tess

If you could spend a day with any other SMITH athlete, who would it be and why?

I’d Have to say Scott Stevens, that guy is such a wizard on the board and so creative, I’d hope his creativity would rub off on me after riding with him!

What's your go-to coffee shop order? We're here for the extra picky orders...?

Medium Flat white with one sugar please…some would call me basic ahah.

What is your favorite SMITH product and why?

I’d have to say the classic Squad MAG, but specifically with the Rose Gold/Pink mirror lens. That one is super sick in all conditions and I love how it looks.

If you weren't a professional snowboarder, what would you be?

It’s kind of hard to imagine doing anything else honestly! I’d like to say I’d be a surfer but I guess we will never know haha!!

What are 5 things you can't leave home without?

If packing for a trip, I’d say my slippers, film camera, Speaker, sunnies and my snowboard bag.

If you could have 1 super power, what would it be?

Still working on flying…


  • 2022 Winter Olympics Slopestyle Bronze Medalist
  • 2021 World Championships Slopestyle Bronze Medalist
  • 2022 LAAX Open Slopestyle Gold Medalist
  • 3x Slopestyle World Cup Bronze Medalist
  • 2x Slopestyle World Cup Gold Medalist
  • 2018 Australian Olympic Team Member