Peak clarity with ChromaPop™

Our ChromaPop™ technology filters specific light wavelengths to amplify detail and give you greater definition, color, and clarity for longer days on the hill.

MAG™ Technology

Smith MAG Goggle Technology

Smith MAG™ Technology - How it works

Magnetic Contact Points

  • Strong and weatherproof magnets automatically guide the lens into the anchored position. The magnetic function speeds up lens interchange to get you back out riding faster. 

Considered Design

  • Outriggers, lens rings and dedicated touch points are carefully considered and designed at the edges of the frame and lens for easy handling during interchange, while protecting the surface of the lens. 

Dual Locking Mechanisms

  • Once in position, the lens carrier within the goggle frame provides a patented dual locking mechanical engagement to secure the lens. With Smith MAG’s double locking mechanisms, the lens stays secure for whatever the hill throws at you. A simple push of one lever at either side of the lens releases the lens for easy swapping as the light and conditions change. Levers are located on bottom corners for 4D family, and Squad MAG family, with levers behind the lens on each side of the IO MAG family. 
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Types of Goggle Lenses

Frame Fit

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Responsive Fit

Responsive Fit design allows the frame to adapt and follow the contours of your face, fitting perfectly on any face. Using only the strictly necessary material and creating a flexible reticular architecture, Smith goggle frames behave like a suspension system which precisely adapts to the unique shape of your face, ensuring an accurate and comfortable fit.


Over the Glasses

Smith Over the Glasses Snow Goggles


Engineered Fit

Reliefs in the temple area, as well as increased overall volume make room for eyeglasses.

Smith Over the Glasses Snow Goggles

Over the Glass

Anti-Fog Performance

Interior volume maximizes fog prevention with or without eyeglasses.

Smith Over the Glasses Snow Goggles

Eyeglass and Helmet Compatibility

The OTG series maintains our highest levels of integration. No sacrifices were made when enabling the goggles to work with your eyeglasses.