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Experience ChromaPop™

As Nature Intended

ChromaPop™ technology filters specific wavelengths of light to eliminate color confusion, allowing for enhanced clarity, greater definition, and natural color.

Smith Polarized ChromaPop ocean water


Bright light from the sun, reflected off water, requires light reduction to prevent eye fatigue when off-shore. Reducing glare but still allowing for true color perception.

Best lenses: blue mirror, amber (ignitor), gray green, gray (platinum)

Smith Polarized ChromaPop saltwater


Varying light condition and shallower waters require enhanced vision and contrast sensitivity, making them suitable for inshore fishing where lighting conditions vary.

Best lenses: green mirror, amber (ignitor), brown, bronze mirror

Smith Polarized ChromaPop fresh water


Fresh water environments and activities like fly fishing in rivers, lakes or flats require enhanced depth perception and improved contrast.

Best lenses: amber (ignitor), brown

Women's Smith ChromaPop polarized fishing sunglasses

Designed for the Water

Wrap around styles provide maximum coverage from the sun, integrated leashes so you don’t lose your sunglasses, and megol nose pads to increase grip.

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Smith fishing athlete Bear

Fishing Ambassador

Bear Holeman

Bryan “Bear” Holeman has spent his life pursuing the water. He never thought he would make a career out of fishing. It all started one summer when he worked at Boca Grande Outfitters, truly a world class fly shop on a truly unique island in Florida. On his free time, he would fish next to all the elite guides in the middle of the Boca Grande pass. He would catch huge tarpon, while laughing and cutting up like crazy. He was completely and totally hooked.

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