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Squad XL Goggles

The Squad XL goggle features Smith’s largest cylindrical lens, crafted from durable carbonic-x material, offering clarity with Fog-X technology and ChromaPop™ technology. Its oversized semi-rimless frame and integrated strap connection point provide essential technology and a generous size for optimal riding experiences.

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Squad MAG Goggles

The Smith Squad MAG goggles offer versatile lens options with easy, on-the-go changes using magnetic contact points and levers. Their cylindrical lens design, featuring ChromaPop™ technology, provides enhanced clarity for various mountain conditions, while AirEvac helmet integration prevents fogging.

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I/O MAG Goggles

Smith's I/O MAG goggles provide enhanced clarity with ChromaPop™ lens technology, offering top-tier anti-fog treatment and seamless helmet integration. Quick lens swaps are effortless with the MAG lens system, ensuring optimal visibility in all weather conditions.

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4D MAG Goggles

The Smith 4D MAG offers the ultimate field of view and optical clarity for precise terrain assessment, complemented by quick and easy lens-changing technology, making it your go-to goggle for all-weather riding.

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4D MAG S Goggles

Smith's 4D MAG S goggles offer a wide field of view and exceptional optics tailored for smaller faces, featuring magnetic lens-change technology for versatile all-conditions riding. Enhanced by ChromaPop™ lenses, they provide a more vivid and detailed perspective of the environment.

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