Markus Eder

Pro Skier

Ask Markus

How would you describe yourself as an athlete? 

My never-ending goal is to be the best all-round skier on the planet. I love to ride the snowpark as well as the backcountry and big mountain. Filming and competing are both big passions as well. Overall as an athlete, I just can’t get enough of riding and floating on every kind of surface. Whether it’s snow, waves, or concrete.

Which part of your personality is more represented by your disciplines?


If you could spend a day with any other Smith athlete, who would it be and why?

I’ve been lucky enough to spend great times with most of the Smith athletes in the past years. I feel blessed to be in such great company in this brand. It’s impossible to pick out one specific athlete.

What is your biggest fear?

Liking too many things and getting burned out again. 

What's your go-to coffee shop order?

A simple Italian cappuccino in a random local bar. 

What is your favorite Smith product and why?

It’s most definitely the Smith 4D MAG. The field of view is crazy good.

If you weren't a professional/incredible outdoor athlete what would you be?

Filmmaker / Product Developer / Parkshaper 


  • Olympian
  • Featured in 7 different films for Matchstick Productions
  • 2nd in Red Bull Linecatcher 2011
  • Winner Nine Knights 2011
  • Red Bull Roadgaps Project Passo Stelvio 2018