Ride with confidence.

This collection pairs innovative protection with

lasting comfort to give you the confidence where you

need it most: out on the road and beyond.

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Cyclist wearing a time trial bike helmet on a road ride
Performance & Aero Cycling

Our performance and aero cycling helmets, and performance sunglass options are lightweight,

comfortable and designed with proven technologies to elevate you to the top of your game.

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Women leading cyclists on a bike with helmet closeup

Gravel & Endurance

Our helmets and sunglasses for gravel and endurance cycling rise to the occasion.

Combining advanced ventilation with world-class comfort, you’ll be able to focus on getting safely from one checkpoint to the next.

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Person walking down stairs carrying their bike on their shoulder

Commuter & Urban Cycling

Featuring first-class comfort and streamlined safety, our helmets and sunglasses for commuting and urban cycling

take you from bike lane to beachfront to busy boulevards in style.

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Road Helmet
C$ 140.00
Prescription Sunglasses
Starting at C$ 340.00
Road Helmet
C$ 170.00
Road Helmet
Price reduced from C$ 220.00 to C$ 132.00
Road Helmet
C$ 110.00
Active Sunglass
C$ 220.00

Performance-Ready Tech,

Made for the Road

We combine the leading helmet technologies to provide

superior protection on the road, so you can head out

with confidence, no matter what you're after.

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A high-quality expanded polystyrene foam that reduces force of impact by converting some of the energy into heat, forming a crucial barrier between your head and the road.

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Welded tubes that crumple instantly on impact, developed for the aerospace industry and innovated to absorb shock and minimize energy transfer to your head.

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An industry-leading multi-directional impact protection system that rotates to follow the angle of impact, reducing rotational motion and lowering the chance of serious injury.