Cody Townsend

Pro Skier - @codytownsend

California, USA

One of the most awarded skiers in freeskiing history, Cody Townsend has evolved from a California beach kid obsessed with the mountains to standing atop the pinnacle of the sport. From a successful alpine ski racing career to stunt skiing for Hollywood blockbuster films, or skiing the “Most Insane Line Ever” to ski mountaineering North America’s “Fifty Most Classic Ski Descents”, Cody is a skier through and through and is continually driven by the pull of the mountains.

Ask Cody

If you could spend a day with any other SMITH athlete, who would it be and why?

The Coffin brothers. Because that'd mean we'd be chasing waves and that's the other sport I grew up doing.

What is your biggest fear or achilles heel?

Financial spreadsheets. I crumple like wet cardboard when staring at those things.

Favorite meal?

Any meal that involves wild-caught fresh salmon and rice. 

What would the title of your autobiography be?

"Well That Was Fun"

What's your favorite place you've ever traveled for your sport?

Alaska. Any time of year for any activity. It's the magic land.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Predict the weather a month out.


  • Best Male Performance - Powder Video Awards 2014
  • Powder Poll #1 - Powder Video Awards 2020
  • Best Line - Powder Video Awards 2014
  • Full Throttle - Powder Video Awards 2014
  • Best Male Freeride Segment - IF3 Montreal Film Festival 2014
  • Best Single Shot - IF3 Montreal Film Festival 2014
  • Best Ski Segment - NYC Snow Film Festival 2010
  • Top Ten Reader's Poll - Powder Magazine Awards 2012 & 2014 - 2020.
  • Best Male Performance - Freeskier Magazine 2008

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