Whether you’re heading into the backcountry, riding park laps, or ripping groomers, Smith has you covered. Our snow helmets feature a unique combination of Koroyd and Mips, industry-leading protection technologies that help absorb and deflect energy to the brain upon impact. Smith snow helmets offer personalized comfort through premium fit systems, varying degrees of ventilation to keep you cool or warm on hill, and the ultimate integration with Smith snow goggles for a fog-free fit.


Hybrid Shell Protection

Hybrid Shell Construction

Smith’s hybrid shell construction combines separate lightweight and durable shells to create the most advanced helmet style to date. By combining our tough Bombshell ABS construction with polycarbonate in-mold technology, our hybrid shell construction optimizes the favorable traits of each material in this revolutionary process. The result is a modern design that provides a lightweight, low profile, perfectly fitting helmet. Our Hybrid shell construction also creates a clean, smooth top surface by enabling the low-profile ventilation regulator to function with reduced mass and volume.

In-Mold Shell Construction

In-Mold Shell (PC) Construction

The performance standard for many years, In-Mold construction fuses a PC (polycarbonate) shell with an EPS liner to minimize weight and maximize impact performance. Lightweight, comfortable and offering value for every ounce.

Bombshell Construction

Bombshell (ABS) Construction

Bombshell construction uses an injection molded ABS shell to withstand high-impacts and offer unparalleled durability, dent, and ding resistance. If you expect your helmet to be as tough as your truck, Bombshell delivers.

Barrier For Your Brain

Designed for dynamic, real life accidents, and engineered for safety so you can venture further with confidence. Koroyd ultimate protection absorbs more energy and works better than traditional materials because it creates crumple zones by using core tubular technology. This outperforms other materials at every stage of compression, helping reduce the risk of injury.

Crumple. Absorb. Protect. 

Koroyd’s network of life-protecting tubular cells crumple instantly and continuously, absorbing maximum force to control dangerous motion for any angle of impact, on any impact surface, minimizing energy transferred to your head.

Koroyd tubular cells

High Performance

Koroyd provides confidence-inspiring protection without compromise on every day performance needs.

Koroyd breathability


The protective core covers strategic zones whilst the open cells allow hot air to escape and fresh air to go with your flow.

Koroyd lightweight


Koroyd is 95% air. This enables lighter, smaller, faster protection, causing less fatigue for life on the move.

In Smith Helmets - Applied Koroyd

SMITH is the only snow helmet manufacturer that can offer you Koroyd technology for enhanced protection. Our snow helmets incorporate Koroyd at varying levels through complete or zonal protection.

Nexus Helmet

Complete Protection

The most robust option that utilizes Koroyd throughout the entirety of the helmet shell.

Summit Helmet

Zonal Protection

Targeted, strategic placement of Koroyd to offer impact absorption where you may need it most.


What is Mips?

The Mips® safety system is designed to provide added safety for helmets in many accidents. For certain impacts, the Mips system can reduce harmful forces that might otherwise be transferred to the user's head.

Bike helmet without MIPS

Traditional Helmet

Traditional helmets are designed and tested for straight impacts, but most impacts are angled, which can cause rotational motion to the head.

Rotational impact

Brain Damage

The rotational motion can cause brain injuries.

Bike helmet with MIPS

Mips Helmet

The Low Friction Layer is intended to help reduce the rotational motion to the head in certain angled impacts.

Straight vs Angled Impacts

Most traditional helmets are designed for straight impacts, but most impacts are angled. The low friction layer may reduce the rotational force of angled impacts.

The brain is typically more sensitive to rotational motion than linear motion because it has shear properties similar to water or gel. When different parts of the brain move relative to each other because of rotational motion, the tissues can stretch, which can cause concussions or other brain injuries.

Rotational motion is a common cause for concussions and more severe brain injury in oblique

hits to the head. The Mips system consists of a low friction layer that is mounted inside the

helmet. In a crash, the low friction layer is designed to move slightly inside the helmet to help redirect forces away from the head. This is intended to help reduce the risk of brain injury.

Safety system that mimics the brain

Unlike traditional helmets, which are mainly designed and tested for straight impacts, the Mips system’s low-friction layer mimics the brain’s own system for protection against rotational motion.

The cerebrospinal fluid is our natural protection system that allows the brain to move relative to the skull.


Smith snow helmets offer personalized comfort through a variety of premium fit systems. 

BOA® 360 Fit System

BOA® 360 Fit System

Offering the most adjustable fit with the turn of a dial, the BOA® 360 Fit System adapts to your whole head and enables on-the-fly micro-adjustability. The system can be moved up/down at the attachment point so it sits on the back of your head exactly where you want it for maximum comfort.

Flexible fit system

Flexible Fit System , featuring BOA®

Originally created for the Smith Summit backcountry helmet, the patent-pending SMITH Flexible Fit System (FFS) was designed to conform securely to the back of your head, or seamlessly over any type of headwear you may want to layer. The FFS is also engineered to collapse into the helmet when stuffed into your pack for the approach, minimizing volume. The integrated BOA® system was custom-built for the application and features a dial for on-the-fly micro-adjustability, ultra-strong Spectra® laces, and custom low-friction lace guides.

VaporFit™ Snow

VaporFit™ Snow

Crafted with ease-of-use and superior comfort in mind, VaporFit™ Snow utilizes a tried-and-true rotary dial system for a full 5cm of adjustability. Additional adjustability at the fit system attachment points allow it to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. All models can be adjusted up and down and some models can also be adjusted laterally. The result is increased comfort with a personalized, secure fit.

Adjustable Dial Fit System

Adjustable Dial Fit System (DFS2)

DFS2 is an adjustable dial fit for easy, on-the-go size adjustment. Additional adjustability at the fit system attachment points allow it to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. All models can be adjusted up and down and some models can also be adjusted laterally.

Self-Adjusting Lifestyle Fit System

Self-Adjusting Lifestyle Fit System (LFS)

Built around the dynamic properties of elastic, the self-adjusting Lifestyle Fit System is designed to flex around the rider’s head, providing an adaptable fit that will move as you do. Additional adjustability at the fit system attachment points allow it to accommodate a wide range of head sizes. All models can be adjusted up and down and some models can also be adjusted laterally. With the Lifestyle Fit System, you’ll experience comfort and mobility from a fit system that you’ll never have to think about.

Grow with Me™ fit system

Grow with Me™

Grow With Me™ dual-stage liner system offers the broadest size range available in a kids' ski and snowboard helmet. Removable stage one and stage two liners cover a larger range of head sizes for longer use and can be found on the Prospect Jr. Helmet.

Inclusive Fit

One Size Does Not Always Fit All.

New Smith Fit Descriptions for Goggles and Helmets

In an effort to better address the actual differences between Smith fit descriptions and to broaden the understanding of the face and head shapes to which they apply, we’re updating our fit language for goggles and helmets. Moving forward, we are updating Asia fit goggle descriptions to use Low Bridge fit. Similarly, Asia fit for helmets will be called Round Contour fit.

Smith snow helmet size guide

Smith Round Contour Fit

Round Contour fit helmets are sized and padded for a fit and feel that better matches rounder head shapes. Choosing the right helmet fit will improve the comfort and performance of your helmet.

To determine which Smith helmet best suits your head shape, use our helmet fit chart to match your head circumference to the best size and fit within our helmet size options. 


Smith snow helmets offer personalized comfort through varying degrees of ventilation to keep you cool or warm on hill.

Dual Regulator Adjustable Ventilation

 Dual Regulator Adjustable Ventilation

This system independently controls the front and rear sections of the helmet’s venting, allowing you to moderate your body temperature even in extremely cold conditions. By exhausting heat through the rear vents while maintaining a sealed front end, your body can effectively cool down if needed and avoid the dreaded “ice cream headache."

Single Regulator Adjustable Ventilation

Single Regulator Adjustable Ventilation

A simplified version of our Dual Regulator system. This adjustable, easy-to-use, and extremely effective climate control system features a single, 3-position regulator that allows you to modify the amount of airflow and heat exhaust even with a gloved hand.

Airflow (Fixed) Ventilation

Airflow (Fixed) Ventilation

Airflow ventilation utilizes strategically placed vents and internal channeling for easy climate control in all conditions, maximizing airflow in warm temperatures while minimizing undesired cold air drafts. Fabric flaps in the lining design on certain models allow you to open and close the airflow vents for adjustable comfort.


Smith helmets and goggles work together to bring you the ultimate integration for a seamless, fog-free fit.

AirEvac system


Goggles fog when standard helmet brims trap warm, moist air in the goggle chamber. Smith’s AirEvac ventilation systems are designed to generate airflow to pull warm, humid air out of the goggle, through the helmet’s AirEvac channeling, and out through external helmet vents.

Precise Fit

Precise Fit

Ultimate integration starts with the precise fit of the Smith goggle and helmet. Our helmets are designed to match the curvature of the goggle frame, eliminating “gaper gap” and allowing precise alignment between the helmet AirEvac and the goggle venting systems.


Aleck 006 audio system

Aleck Audio

The Smith x Aleck 006 is the wireless audio speaker system that brings premium sound and handsfree group communication to any ski or snowboard helmet. Glove-friendly controls help you manage your music, calls and voice assistant while doing literally anything on the mountain, Aleck 006 puts your playlist at your fingertips, keeps your squad in touch on storm days, and with the Friend Finder feature makes meeting up for aprés easy, even in spring break crowds. Any day on the snow is a good one, but the Smith x Aleck 006 makes every run better.