Pinnacle prescription glasses crafted at our lab in Utah. Scratch resistant, lightweight, and ultra-durable, each pair of glasses has 30 day returns and a 2 year guarantee. 

Prescription Sunglasses Prescription Glasses
Man wearing Smith prescription sunglasses at the beach

Smith Prescription Sunglasses

Exclusive to Smith sunglasses, ChromaPop™ lenses deliver enhanced color, clarity and definition. All of our prescription sunglasses lens options feature ChromaPop™ and polarization. Choose the hue that best enhances your view, or whichever matches your style

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Which ChromaPop™ lens fits your life?

Exclusive to Smith Sunglasses, ChromaPop™ lenses transform your view. Choose the hue that best enhances your activity… or simply matches your style.

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Smith Prescription Glasses

Smith Prescription Glasses are all designed to be anti-reflective, scratch resistant, and dirt-repellent. Made from high-quality metals and bio-based frames, every pair of Smith Prescription glasses keep it light, without sacrificing durability.

Plus, choose from three lens upgrades to suit your lifestyle.

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Lenses ready to be lived in.

Lenses ready to be lived in.

Thin and Light

Thinner and lighter lenses, recommended for prescriptions higher than +/-4.0 so you can forget your glasses are there.

Blue Light Lenses

Spending all day in front of a screen? Every glasses style has the option of adding blue light filters that can help reduce eye fatigue.

Photochromic Lenses

Pursuing thrills indoors and out? Photochromic lenses are light-responsive and automatically adjust to changing light conditions.

Man with Smith prescription blue light glasses working at a computer

Smith Blue Light and Computer Glasses

Spending all day in front of a screen? Our blue light glasses have a virtually-clear coating on the lens that blocks blue light to reduce eye fatigue and can help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

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