Summer Road & Gravel Edit

Gravel Grandeur in the Spanish Sunshine

Hit those backroads in style - whether it's fresh white Trace, the all-new Triad or the Persist on standby - we've got you covered.

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Smith Triad Helmet
New Release - Triad Helmet

A sleek new helmet for all your adventures lands in the Road & Gravel category.

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Smith Athletes Greg VanAvermaet and Juliet Elliot gravel riding in Triad helmets
Meet Greg Van Avermaet & Juliet Elliott

Longtime athlete Juliet met up in Spain to welcome Greg to the Smith family.

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Smith Venture Sunglasses & Triad Bike Helmet
There are no rules!

There are no rules when it comes to pairing your eyewear and helmet choices. The Venture sunglasses go great with the Triad helmet (just make sure to take the side shields off).

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woman wearing smith network helmet and wildcat glasses

Cycling Eyewear

When you're moving fast on two wheels, a sharp, unobstructed view is critical. Ripping down singletrack or sprinting to win a stage, Smith MTB Goggles and sunglasses offer full coverage and terrain-defining optics. Trusted ChromaPop™ lens technology enhances color, contrast and clarity.

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person wearing smith forefront2 helmet and motive glasses

Bike Helmets

Rise to the occasion with technology that helps keep you safe. Combining advanced ventilation with world-class comfort, you’ll be able to focus on the ride.

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Performance-Ready Tech,

Made for the Road

We combine the leading helmet technologies to provide

superior protection on the road, so you can head out

with confidence, no matter what you're after.

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A high-quality expanded polystyrene foam that reduces force of impact by converting some of the energy into heat, forming a crucial barrier between your head and the road.

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Welded tubes that crumple instantly on impact, developed for the aerospace industry and innovated to absorb shock and minimize energy transfer to your head.

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An industry-leading multi-directional impact protection system that rotates to follow the angle of impact, reducing rotational motion and lowering the chance of serious injury.