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    • What are the types of helmet constructions that Smith offers?
      Smith offers three main types of helmet constructions: Hybrid Shell Technology, In-Mold Construction, & Bombshell Construction. Smith's new revolutionary Hybrid Construction Technology uses separate lightweight and durable shells merge to create an entirely new helmet category. Hybrid construction fuses two proven technologies by combing a tough ABS upper shell with a flyweight in-mold liner into a sleek, low profile, and modern design. Hybrid construction also creates a clean smooth top surface by enabling the low profile Regulator to function with reduced mass and volume. The performance standard for many years, In-Mold construction creates a lightweight helmet with an EPS liner to maximize protection, comfort, and value. Just like in goggles, our mid-range product includes features found in the competitors' top models. Lastly, Bombshell Construction-Injection molded ABS shells withstand high-impacts and offer unparalleled durability. For when you need your helmet to be as tough as your truck, Bombshell delivers.
    • What technology does Smith use for Helmet Ventilation?
      Smith uses the AirEvac 2, AirEvac, the Regulator, & Airflow. AirEvac 2 maximizes goggle and helmet integration to alleviate goggle fogging and increased ventilation by allowing fog-causing moist air to evacuate from the goggle and helmet by channeling air across the user's head to exhaust it at the rear. Smith AirEvac chimney vents and under-shell vent channels actively pull hot air out of user's goggles to prevent fogging and increase ventilation. Adjustable, easy to use and extremely effective, our Regulator ventilation system allows you to control the amount of airflow and heat exhaust even with a gloved hand. You'll thank us later. Airflow ventilation utilizes waterproof vent plugs for easy climate control in all conditions. Removal of vent plugs allows maximum airflow and heat exhaustion in warm temperatures. Installed vent plugs create a warm, dry seal from all mother nature can throw at you.
    • How do Smith's helmets create airflow?
      Smith's Airflow ventilation utilizes waterproof vent plugs for easy climate control in all conditions. Removal of vent plugs allows maximum airflow and heat exhaustion in warm temperatures. Installed vent plugs create a warm, dry seal from all mother nature can throw at you.
    • How do Smith's AirEvac 2 and AirEvac technologies help with ventilation?
      AirEvac 2 utilizes shell vents as well as internal EPS channels to increase airflow ane evacuate warm, moist air to prevent goggle fogging. Cool, dry air is consistently pulled into the goggle as the warm, most air is exhausted over the wearer's head and out the rear of the helmet. AirEvac uses a system of shell vents and under-shell EPS channels to actively pull warm, moist air out of the user's goggles and exhaust it out of the helmet to prevent fogging.
    • What types of linings are used in Smith's Helmets?
      Smith uses X-Static Lining, Cocona Lining, & a Plush Fleece Tricot to provide you with the best comfort. The X-Static Lining is a silver coated textile fiber that enhances products with permanent and natural anti-odor, anti-static and thermodynamic properties. Cocona fabric uses a natural technology derived from coconut shells. It enhances the performance of fabrics by providing exceptional evaporative cooling, odor resistance and added UV protection to keep you more comfortable in any environment. The Plush Fleece Tricot is the ultimate luxury in lining technology. A long brushed fleece tricot for additional comfort and warmth.
    • What is the Helmet Fit System (HFS)?
      Great helmets start with a great fit. Smith's proven ergonomic head form combined with our Helmet Fit System (HFS) provides exceptional performance and comfort. The soft, flexible plate and liner system contact the back of the head when the HFS is tightened for a proper fit. The self-centering system utilizes an intuitive pinch/pull design with three attachment points for easy operation to ensure a correct fit and maximum comfort.
    • Which helmets use the Helmet Fits System(HFS)?
      The HFS is available for Vantage, Variance, Intrigue, Holt Jr., and the Upstart.
    • What is the Goggle Lock used for?
      Smith's Goggle Lock securely retains the goggle strap on the helmet to ensure comfort and performance.
    • Why should you use Snapfit Ear Pads?
      Snapfit ear pads are ergonomically designed to be form fitting and comfortable. Easily removed for washing and effortlessly reinstalled.
    • How does Smith size their helmets?
      Smith helmets provide exceptional fit and comfort in both Adult and Youth sizes. For Adult HFS: Small 51-55 cm, Medium 55-59 cm, Large 59-63 cm; Holt: X-Small 52-54 cm, Small 54-56 cm, Medium 56-58 cm, Large 58-60 cm, X-Large 60-62 cm; Junior HFS: One Size Fits All 48-53 cm.
    • What is the warranty on Smith's Helmets?
      Smith has a lifetime warranty and a crash replacement program on their helmets. We know what makes a great product and are proud to back it up. If you experience a problem that is a defect in materials or workmanship Smith Optics warrants your helmet for the lifetime of the product. We will repair or replace your helmet at no charge. Smith Optics has the sole discretion to determine manufacturer's defects. Consumers who damage their helmets in an accident within 3 years of purchase are eligible for a crash replacement of a new Smith helmet. See your local retailer or sales representative for details.
    • How does the Skullcandy Bluetooth kit work?
      Skullcandy Bluetooth system integrates wireless connectivity giving you music and cell phone availability. The all inclusive system includes a universal international plug, direct connect cable, iPod adaptor, universal adaptor, and a protective cord case. The thoughtfully designed ear pads include glove-friendly track control, volume control, and muste as well as the ability to toggle between your music and phone calls with the push of a single button.
    • What is the Skullcandy Twin-Tip Link?
      The Skullcandy Twin-Tip Link is an audio system that allows hands free music listening and cell phone availability. This all inclusive system includes a standard audio jack for your music device, multiple phone jacks that fit most cell phones, a sensitive microphone, and adjustable volume control.
    • What is the Skullcandy Single-Shot?
      The Skullcandy Single-Shot audio system allows hands free music listening. The included standard audio jack makes the connection perfect for MP3 players, CD players, and cassette decks. This system comes complete with a removable connection cord and adjustable volume control.
  • Sunglasses Prescription Technology

    • What is O.D. & O.S.?
      O.D. simply means right eye. It is the short form of the latin term oculus dextrus. O.S. simply means left eye. It is the short form of the latin term oculus sinister.
    • What is Sphere?
      The number under the heading sphere is the main part of your prescription. The number itself denotes the strength of the lens as measured in diopters. A diopter is a unit of measurement that is simply the inverse of the focal distance of the lens as measured in meters. For example, if a lens has a strength of 2 diopters, then parallel light rays that pass through this lens will focus together at a distance of 1/2 meter (50 cm) away from the lens. The SMITH Spazio prescription program is available for sphere measurements from +2.00 to -5.00 diopters.
    • What is Cylinder?
      If there is no value under the cylinder heading, then you have a very simple prescription. If there is a value under this heading, then you have astigmatism. Like sphere power, the cylinder power is also measured in diopters. The SMITH Spazio prescription program is available for cylinder measurements from +2.00 to -2.00 diopters.
    • What is Axis?
      As mentioned above, a special cylindrical lens is needed in order to correct astigmatism. Not only does the strength of the cylindrical lens need to be specified, but the lens itself must be rotated into a specific position in order to provide the proper vision correction. The axis represents the amount of rotation of the cylindrical lens in degrees ranging from 1 to 180.
    • What is Prism?
      This is a box on the prescription form that is rarely filled in. Occasionally, when the two eyes are not properly aligned and looking directly at the same thing, prism can be ground into the lenses in order to re-align them. This can occur with strabismus (an eye turn) or in situations where the eyes are properly aligned but are under a tremendous amount of strain in order to keep them aligned. The value under the prism heading denotes the strength of the prism.
    • What is Add / Progressive Lenses?
      If there is a value under the add heading, then you have a bifocal (or Progressive) prescription. At this time, SMITH Spazio prescription lenses cannot be created with a progressive prescription. The engineers are hard at work and we will update as soon as their results are favorable.
    • What is Pupillary Distance (PD)?
      The distance between the center of your pupils is known as the pupillary distance, or PD. Before your prescription lenses are cut, the pupillary distance needs to be measured. This measurement is then used so that the optical center of each lens can be lined up with your pupils in order to give optimal visual clarity.
  • Ski Poles

    • Why am I not finding Smith Ski Poles in Stores lately?
      In order to strengthen Smith's focus on developing eyewear products to compete in today's market, we have decided to discontinue our ski pole collection for the 2002-03 winter season. If you have any potential warranty questions, please e-mail Smith at for further details or call our Customer Service Department at 800 635-4401.
  • Accessories

    • Does Smith ship accessories overseas?
      Smith does ship accessories overseas, but the person placing the order would be responsible for the shipping charges and any tariff duties that may be incurred. Sometimes these charges exceed the cost of the actual product. We would recommend that you try to acquire these products from one of our dealers in your country. Please refer to our Store Locator to find a distributor or dealer in your country.