Molly Picklum

Pro Surfer - @picklummolly


Molly Picklum is a bubbly, fun, focused, driven athlete who strives for her personal best day in day out. She has one goal to achieve in life and that’s to be the best she can possibly be as a person and as an athlete. She enjoys time with her friends and family and truly values her team. Overall Molly is a very balanced human that goes through life just having a go.

Ask Molly

Would you rather be chased by a shark or a bear and why?

Umm hopefully neither but I’d choose a bear because I won’t be anywhere a bear should be as a shark seems more real that it could chase me. 

Favorite meal?

Tuna bake. Or a good steak and veggies.

What is your all-time favorite song? Or songs?

Lost in Japan remix, intentions, UCLA

If you weren’t a professional surfer what would you be?

I love animals so maybe something to do with helping animals for the better.

What are 5 things you can’t leave home without?

My phone, hat, sunglasses, wetsuit, and surfboard.

What would the title of your autobiography be?

A pickle takes on the world.

What’s your favorite place you’ve ever travelled to?

Indonesia, I love the food, people, waves and the warmth.

If you could have 1 super power what would it be?

Teleporting and all of that is pretty cool but I think even to have the ability to always having clear thoughts with no overthinking.


  • Central Coast Pro Champion: 2021 (WSL Qualifying Series)
  • Great Lakes Pro Champion: 2021 (WSL Qualifying Series)
  • U/16 Australasian Champion
  • U/18 Australasian Champion
  • WSL Australasian Junior Rankings Champion: 2019
  • WSL Australia/Oceania regional Junior Champion: 2019
  • Surfing Life’s #1 Junior Female: 2019 & 2020
  • Layne Beachley Medal, best female surfer ‘Australian Boardriders Battle’: 2020
  • Female Rising Star, Australian Surfing Awards: 2020