Focus on the advantage seeker.

Smith Elite begins our developmental process by listening to the world's top tier special operators. This group of advantage seekers require innovative and functional solutions to very specific problems. We optimize technology for those elite maximizers seeking an advantage through cutting-edge innovation, and calibrate product to deliver peak performance for taking on competition and adversity. This dialogue between the development team and the user is what allows Smith to continually protect the eyes of those that demand MilSpec level protection. The results of this collaborative effort is a higher level of quality in products for all Smith advantage seekers.


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Premium protection.


Premium protection is the optimized balance of all four essential eyewear components: Ballistics, Optics, Anti-Fog, and Design. To understand this balance it is imperative to not only understand what the four components are but how they interact with one another. Each component has key factors that influence the final performance, but those key factors simultaneously limit the performance of the other components. For example, we can improve the Anti-Fog component by increasing the air volume between the users face and the lens, but this would make for a bulky design and hinder optical clarity with a given lens. Each key factor influences all other components in different ways and that complexity is what makes Premium Protection a delicate balance. Anyone can make eyewear that is categorized as protective, but we choose to deliver Premium Protection as a minimum requirement. If the product is in the Smith Elite line then it is Premium Protection by definition.



We put our Elite products through the most rigorous testing possible in order to constantly improve how much abuse our products can handle. Making a functional ballistic lens is more than just making the lens thicker. There are hundreds of factors at play, and all of them need to be balanced to surpass MilSpec standards.



Details are important to our customers and that is why we measure optical clarity not only with results from the lab, but with feedback from the †field. As with all components we measure minute performance requirements in the lab. Lab performance, however, does not always transfer to the †field conditions where the eyewear is used. Coupling the †field feedback and the lab results allows us to focus our design on what is important to the user and measure that performance to ensure we deliver the highest optical quality in every lens.



The most important feature of all eyewear is the anti-fog capabilities. All other features are useless if you are experiencing fog on your lens. Obviously, ballistics, optics and design are irrelevant if you take your eyewear off your face.


Smith was created by our founder Bob Smith in 1965 with a single goal in mind: to create a goggle that would not fog. For the last 50 years, Smith has been working to understand and fight fogging. Our experience with anti-fog technologies is unmatched; we understand the science of what creates fog on a lens and how to combat it. With a half century of fighting fog as our primary objective, we know that fog cannot be eliminated, but it can be delayed.



Design is more than just how stylish a product is. Design is also how all aspects of a product’s functionality are brought together. Smith takes the concept of product design to a new level by adopting the military’s Human Systems Integration (HSI) process. This approach takes human variables such as fit, optical performance, ballistic performance, fog-mitigation, integrated equipment, and weapons interface into account to refine a product’s functionality across the spectrum of factors. We design specifically to optimize performance allowing real-world testing to drive the product’s evolution...and keep people looking stylish while doing it.



Not all ballistic eyewear is the same. Many users are being misled when they are sold "ballistic" eyewear. Truth be told, eyewear can be labeled “ballistic” if it can stop a .25 inch diameter steel ball at 150 feet per second (FPS), which is the ANSI Z87.1 standard. A Red Ryder BB gun shoots a projectile that is a .177 caliber steel ball at 350fps (this projectile is more than half the size of the ANSI test and more than twice the speed). The Laws of Physics tell us that the impact energy of the BB from the Red Ryder is greater than that of the ANSI test projectile. Theoretically, eyewear could pass the ANSI test and fail when impacted by a Red Ryder BB Gun. The eyewear industry is overrun with companies claiming they have a ballistic product when that product only meets the minimum standard to be considered ballistic. Ensure your eyes are protected and demand superior protection, the MilSpec ballistic standard.

Protection Spectrum


With so many manufacturers making it so difficult to determine what "ballistic" level their eyewear meets, we decided to make it simple. We only make ballistic eyewear to the highest possible standard, exceeding MilSpec ballistic protection.