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Smith Express MIPS commuter helmet with visor

Express MIPS

From busy city streets to night rides across town, the Smith Express MIPS® bike helmet is all-in when it comes time to ride. The advanced angled impact protection of MIPS® and a clean, minimalist design will let you go anywhere two wheels will take you with the protection you want. 

Get the perfect fit with the easy turn of a dial and pop on the visor for those sunny days. Reflective straps give you extra visibility any time of day, and for a boost, snap in the rear light to really let yourself be seen.

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Smith Express commuter helmet with visor


Whether it is a grocery run, a Saturday of cruising, or the daily commute, the Smith Express helmet pairs a lightweight design with a clean, minimalist style you’ll want to wear. 

Vents keep the air flowing as you ride letting you arrive at your destination feeling fresh. Fine tune your fit with the quick turn of a dial, and reflective stitching on the chin straps will give you a boost of visibility in low light.

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