The Mainline

How about a full one?


Mainline full face helmet rotating in different angles

What do I want?

For years we’ve been gathering feedback and insight from our athletes on what features a mountain bike helmet would need to give them the confidence to perform their best. 

The answer was simple… 

How about a full one! 

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Back of the Mainline helmet, showing off MIPS

I want to feel protected. 

Protection is the Mainline’s top priority. The DH certified helmet features complete Koroyd® coverage. Large thermoformed Koroyd® panels wrap top of the head while additional panels span the back of the helmet providing premium protection and maximum breathability. 

The MIPS Brain Protection System (BPS) is standard for all colorways which combined with Koroyd® provides a complete impact and rotational protection system. 

EN 1078, CPSC 1203, ASTM F1952

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A gif circling through images: the inside of the Mainline helmet and the multiple pads that come with it for a tight and secure fit.

It’s got to fit.

Included with the Mainline are three sets of uniquely sized cheekpads, two sets of uniquely sized crown liners, and two unique neck rolls to ensure a proper fit. All components can easily be removed for cleaning. 

Ride with confidence knowing the Mainline is secured with a tried and true D-ring chin strap fastener.

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Front on view of the Mainline helmet.

Can you make it lighter? 

While the design of the helmet prioritizes protection, weight is also very important for riders expecting to spend a full day racing.

Utilizing Koroyd® makes for a very lightweight (size Med, 770g) helmet, without sacrificing the thickness and materials needed to provide the confidence of highly protective helmet. 

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Top view of the Mainline helmet showing off air channels for ventilation

It’s got to breathe.

The Mainline provides exceptional protection while combining internal air channels and open exhaust ports to efficiently move over the head and through the helmet to maximize breathability.

The vents in the chin bar have intentionally been left open, to not obstruct “breathing” air. 

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Rotating image of the Mainline and goggle showing off integration details.

It's got to work.

The Mainline has been designed to integrate perfectly with the Squad MTB and Squad XL MTB. The face port is large enough to hold the XL frame and the strap will sit perfectly around the back of the helmet in the intended channel. 

The AirEvac™ system relieves hot air that builds up on your goggles by channeling air back into the helmet and out of the exhaust ports. This prevents hot air from building up in the goggle and fogging the lens.

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Mainline in Matte Black

Matte Black

Can I get one that's all black?

Mainline in Matte Sage - Red Rock

Matte Sage - Red Rock

How about one that reminds me of the outdoors?

Mainline in AC - Rocky Mountain Enduro

AC - Rocky Mountain Enduro

We'll need one that matches our race kit.