Juliet Elliot


Ask Juliet

What’s your go-to coffee shop order?

Flat white with oat milk

You have a prolific YouTube presence, what do you enjoy about the community there? 

The best thing is getting feedback that my videos have helped someone try their first Bikepacking trip, restart cycling after a break or be inspired to try something new. I also enjoy the feeling of taking my friends and followers along with me on a ride and sharing what’s happening, which in some way makes me feel like we are riding together. 

You’ve ridden your bike all over the world, where’s one place you’ve been that you’re looking to get back to?

Japan, definitely but there are also so many new places I’d like to visit. New Zealand, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Bali, Corsica, Tanzania and Zanzibar!

Speaking of travel, you just went to Spain with the Smith crew, what’s the best meal you had or thing you snacked on while there? 

We stayed at an amazing boutique hotel which served Peruvian inspired cuisine. On our first night, we asked the chef to prepare us whatever was best and he served us an incredible selection of sashimi and ceviche. 

What’s a sleeper piece of Smith gear that everyone should know about?

Shift Split Mag are my absolute favorite, the shape is so flattering and they fit really well with any of my helmets - MTB or Road. For me, it’s gotta be the Matte Bone frames with gold lenses - they go with everything. 

About Juliet

She rides. She races. She is prolific in the cycling world and known for her knowledge of all things bike and travel and travel by bike. Whether it’s a local gravel race or harkening back to the Red Hook track bike races of yore, it’s safe to say that Juliet has nearly done it all.