The Landscape Collection

In Your Element

Nature is where you’re in your element. That’s why we designed a collection inspired by its landscapes and textures, and is made from recycled materials.

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Clay Red Landscape

Smith Landscape Clay Red 4D MAG Goggle


These goggles provide our widest field of view possible and swappable ChromaPop™ lenses enhance, sharpen, and brighten the terrain around you – so you can nail your line every time with a boldness that matches its design.

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Smith Landscape Quantum Red Clay Helmet


Spending more days on the slopes than not? This ultra-comfortable, incredibly durable, and naturally stylish helmet keeps its cool while keeping you warm, using MIPS® technology to protect your head on angled impacts.

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Saffron Landscape

Smith Squad MAG saffron goggle

Squad MAG

Ready to adapt on the fly when the elements shift, we’ve combined our best-in-class Smith MAG interchangeable system with our ChromaPop™ performance lenses. Pursue your thrills in nature, with style that’s inspired by it.

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Smith Maze Snow Helmet Saffron Landscape


Buckle up, tune in, and hit the hill in this striking ski and snowboard helmet. It comes with the latest safety innovations including MIPS® to explore the whole mountain, with a minimalist exterior that still breathes.

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Quartz Landscape

Smith Moment Snow Goggle Quartz Landscape


Designed for smaller faces, these goggles’ sleek frame creates a seamless fit and maximizes peripheral vision. Enhanced with ChromaPop™ contrast-boosting lenses, they let you take in your surroundings in an instant – so you’re always in your element.

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Smith Vida Snow Helmet Quartz Landscape


When every day on the mountain is different, this ski and snowboard helmet lets you adapt to the elements. Adjust venting on the fly depending on the weather, while our MIPS® technology keeps your head protected anytime you’re on the slopes.

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CORE to Who We Are

This collection is a continuation of our CORE Initiative. We are making considerable, consistent, and measurable steps to reduce our environmental impact by investing in sustainable packaging and sustainable materials, including recycled nylon using Q-NOVA®. Because the only way to fuel fun beyond walls is to ensure we have space to do it.