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A collaboration with longtime non-profit partner High Fives Foundation to honor the life and legacy of legendary freeskier CR Johnson.

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A legacy of protection

CR Johnson was a trailblazer who brought freesking to the masses. This collaboration with our longtime non-profit partner & friends at High Fives Foundation honors his life and legacy with a special memorial line of snow helmets emblazoned in reggae motifs, including the iconic lion that’s synonymous with CR’s indomitable spirit.

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Honoring a legend

CR Johnson was a pioneer of the freeskiing

movement and a beloved member of the

Smith family who tragically lost his life in

2010. Today, his legacy lives on through the

CR Johnson Healing Center, a private recovery

space for athletes and community members

working toward their healing goals.

Squad XL Goggle

Squad XL Goggle

Inspired by reggae album covers from the 60s

and 70s, the CR Johnson memorial goggle

features bold colors and a halftone portrait of a

lion to symbolize CR’s indomitable spirit.

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Maze Snow Helmet

Maze Helmet

One of our most popular snow helmets, decked

out in an olive drab finish with CR Johnson’s

signature lion motif printed on the back.

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