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Discover the world through a new lens, where cutting-edge technology and classic designs come together to elevate your adventures.

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The Right Lenses for Any Conditions

Smith lenses are offered in a variety of technologies and materials. Choose from lens options like ChromaPop color & contrast enhancement, glare-eliminating polarization, and game-changing PhotoChromic adaptability to ensure you get the best performance out of your sunglasses while pursuing your thrill.

Smith ChromaPop Sunglasses


Normally the eye has trouble distinguishing colors where the blue/green and the green/red wavelengths cross over. ChromaPop filters these specific crossovers for greater definition, natural color, and clarity.

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Smith Wildcat Polarized Sunglasses


Featuring a durable surface treatment that filters out and blocks certain light waves, polarized sunglasses cut glare and improve contrast while reducing eye fatigue.

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Smith PhotoChromic Performance Sunglasses


Photochromic or light-sensitive lenses automatically adjust their tint when exposed to sunlight, getting darker in bright conditions and lighter in shadier or darker conditions.

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Everyday Sunglasses

Offering timeless eyewear silhouettes, our everyday sunglasses provide fresh perspectives with performance features for the stylish modern explorer.

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Sport & Performance Sunglasses

Designed for your active lifestyle, our sport and performance sunglasses feature performance materials like grippy Megol nose pads, lightweight construction, as well as polarized and ChromaPop™ lens options so that you can focus on your next adventure.

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Replacement Sunglass Lenses

Elevate your vision and renew your Smith sunglasses with precision-crafted replacement lenses, designed to seamlessly integrate with your frames, delivering uncompromised clarity and performance.

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Your prescription. Your choice of frames.

Custom Rx eyewear at an unbeatable price.

Glasses from $139—FSA and HSA eligible.

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