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This Cookies policy describes the modalities and the purposes of the processing carried out through cookies by Smith Sport Optics, Inc. with registered office in Portland, Oregon (hereinafter “Smith”) as Data Controller, of personal data of the data subjects during their navigation on (the “WebSite”) to provide an optimal experience and customized contents when accessing the WebSite. Here you can find also information related to your rights and how to make your choices about the cookies, so that we can respect your will.

Data processing carried out by Smith shall be indeed oriented to transparency, fairness, lawfulness, relevancy and necessity principles.

This WebSite uses its own and third parties technical and profiling cookies; below you will find all related information and clarifications to better understand what they are about.

What Cookies are

Cookies are small files that websites visited by an user send to his device (to his browser) where they are stored to be re-sent to the same websites on the occasion of the subsequent access by the same user.

Cookies may be installed on user’s device directly by the owner or the webmaster of the website (“First Party Cookies”) or, by way of the above website, by owners of different websites or web servers (“Third Parties Cookies”) where some elements (e.g., images, maps, sounds, direct links to different domains) located on servers other than the one visited may reside.

Depending on the duration term of cookies, these can be divided in two types:

  • session cookies: temporarily stored on user’s device until the end the browser session. Usually these cookies are necessary in order to allow services and functionalities of the website to work properly;
  • permanent cookies: they keep on being stored on the user’s device for a period longer than a single browsing session, depending on their functions and relevant choices made by users. Permanent cookies allow to re-send information to the web server on the occasion of every subsequent access to the website.

Based on the pursued purposes, cookies can be grouped in two macro-areas:

  • "technical" cookies, for which user’s consent is not necessary, without which several operation cannot be carried out or would be more difficult and/or less secure; thus, they are automatically installed upon access to a website; they include: (i) navigation cookies (that allow, for instance, to be authenticated to access restricted areas), (ii) functional cookies (that allow user to navigate in accordance with certain selected criteria such as, for instance, language or products selected for purchase) and (iii) analytics cookies (that collect aggregated information on users number and how these visit the website and are used solely for website optimization purposes);
  • "Profiling" cookies that need the consent of the user to be installed and that are used to better understand user’s preferences, behavior and choices during its navigation, in order to create a profile and show him/her advertising messages closer to those preferences showed by the user during online navigation; these will include also the so called “social cookies”, used to allow to the user, in accordance with the relevant social network’s policies (this remaining the sole responsible), to share its content, as well as access to website services by means of his/her social network ID.

Cookies used on Smith Web Site

This WebSite makes use of the following technical cookies, for all of which, in addition to the specific function and purpose, the duration term of cookies and the source is indicated; with regard to third party cookies, a link to privacy policy of the relevant website is provided;


Google Analytics (_gid) Google Google Analytics user ID. Measure effectiveness marketing campaigns. Provides website analytics for statistics purposes. 1 hour
SMITH Cart SMITH To save your cart on persistent -12 months
To disable, go to your browser settings.
SMITH Session ID Data SMITH To save your session preferences. Includes functional cookies to display an opperational site. Session
To disable, go to your browser settings.
SMITH Language/Country Preferences SMITH Register the language and country of navigation and save your country preferences. Session
To disable, go to your browser settings.
Google (_gat) Google Google Analytics session tracking. This web analytics cookie collects information about how visitors use the Websites, which website the user came from, the number of each user’s visits and how long a user stays on the Websites Persistent
Google (_ga) Google Google Analytics session tracking. Persistent
Adobe Analytics Adobe Measure effectiveness marketing campaigns. Provides website analytics for statistics purposes. Session
Adobe Analytics (s_sq) Adobe DTM Tag management data. Traffic and visitor behavior measurement. Session
Adobe Analytics (s_fid) Adobe DTM Tag management ID data. Traffic and visitor behavior measurement Session
Adobe Analytics (s_cc) Adobe DTM Tag management data. Traffic and visitor behavior measurement Session

This Web Site also uses the following profiling cookies that allow creating, distributing and monitoring digital advertising campaigns and showing to users, also during navigation on different websites, advertising campaigns related to product/services of Smith that may be of your greater interest, based on preferences and choices made during navigation of the WebSite. For each profiling cookie listed in the table below is indicated, in addition to the specific function and purpose, the duration term and source, first party or third party; under the column “opt-out”, first party cookies can be directly disabled through graphical interface present therein, while for third party profiling cookies a link to privacy policy and consent form of the relevant website, where any relevant possible choice can be made, is provided.
You can generally activate or later de-activate the use of cookies through a functionality built into your web browser. To learn more about how to control cookie settings through your browser:


SMITH Session ID Data + Preferences SMITH To save your session. Cookies are used to remember for instance your user name and password and include navigation cookies and functional cookies. Session
To disable, go to your browser settings.
Facebook Facebook Advertising, marketing and segmentation. persistent -12 months
To opt out:
Doubleclick Google Re-targeting, optimization, reporting and attribution of online adverts. Persistent - 12 months
To opt out:
Bronto (Oracle) Bronto Personalize your and your Organization’s experiences as part of our provision of the Services. Persistent - 12 months
To opt out:
Bazaarvoice Bazaarvoice To operate Bazaarvoice services; To enable user-generated content submission; To enable anonymous analytics & measurement reporting; to serve online advertising. Bazaarvoice uses cookies to combine your data across multiple websites. persistent - expires 12 months
To opt out:
Brightedge To confirm Login or if you have viewd a pixel tag. Track use of the platform/app persistent - expires 4 hours
To opt out:
SMITH Academy SPARC Used to verify identity and account information. Saves users preferences and account information. Persistent - expires 12 months
To opt out:
Twitter (guest ID, Personalization ID) Twitter Provide better faster and safer experience. Log in , protect against spam, relevant advertising, and personalize content for the user Persistent - expires 12 months
To opt out:
Coherent Path Coherent Path Provide product recommendations and predictions. Compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interactions in order to offer better site experiences and tools in the future. Persistent - expires 12 months
LiveChat LiveChat Customer service comminication with reps. Save user preferences and chat dialogue. Persistent - 12 months
SaleCycle SaleCycle To send relevant and timely cart recovery email and save user preferences. Session
To opt out:

Consent to use of cookies

On the occasion of the first access to any page of the WebSite, a banner including a short information notice will appear. By keeping on browsing the WebSite, closing the banner or clicking on whichever part of the WebSite page outside the banner, you are giving your consent to the use of cookies on Smith WebSite.

Leaving the page without navigating will mean non-acceptance of cookies; some technical cookies may be already locally stored within the browser but will no longer used by Smith. User will anyway have the possibility to remove also such cookies following the instructions in paragraph below.

Cookies Subject to Change

The content of this Policy is for your general information and use only. These cookies are subject to change without notice. You acknowledge that this information may contain inaccuracies or errors and is subject to change and we expressly exclude liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the fullest extent permitted by law.

How to disable cookies at a later stage

You will have always available, also after first access to the WebSite, the following further options to manage cookies and make the relevant choices.

We inform you that Smith uses a technical cookie to memorize your related preference and, therefore, should you eliminate through a browser all cookies, as above described, you will eliminate also such option and you will have to update your preference again, as well as in case of use of a different device or browser.

You can find further information at, which brings together professionals in digital advertising in the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance). The companies associated on this platform allow you to refuse or accept through it the cookies they use to adapt the ads that can be displayed on your device to the information on your browsing behavior.

Nature of provided data and consequences of possible refuse

Technical cookies are necessary to allow you accessing the WebSite and using its functionalities as required by you from time to time, being therefore not subject to prior consent.

If you disable such cookies through browser, as above explained, this could imply the impossibility of correctly navigating the WebSite and use certain functionalities thereof.

On the contrary, profiling cookies are not strictly necessary to use the WebSite and their installation is not subject to your consent. Disabling such type of cookies will not prevent you anyhow the navigation and the use of the WebSite, being understood that, in such case, Smith could not, for instance, be able to send advertising of its products and services best suited to your preferences and choices.

Modalities of data processing and people who can access your data

Your personal data collected through cookies will be processed by electronic means for the time necessary to pursue the purposes for which they have been collected - directly by Smith at the servers in the USA . They will be processed in compliance with the applicable laws, using the appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, modification or deletion.

Your data will be processed by employees or collaborators - specifically appointed as persons in charge of the processing - of Smith Sport Optics, Inc., with registered office in Portland, Oregon, as data processors, as well as of any other possible service provider appointed as data processor, whose complete and updated list can be received by sending an email to

Data will not be disclosed to third parties unless for legal requirements or judicial authority decision and they will not anyhow disseminated.


You will be always entitled to exercise your right to access, update, correct, complete or delete your personal data, and any other right granted by applicable data protection laws, by sending a request via e-mail to the following address