Smith Pro Program

Hello and welcome to the Smith Optics pro purchase application. We're excited to see your interest in becoming better connected to Smith and we hope we can find a place for you on our program. This is a new process and a new program format, so please fill out the application below, regardless of past affiliations with Smith or other connections you have.

Note: Membership in our program is not guaranteed of anyone and all applicants will require varying pieces of information before they are approved for inclusion. Once your application has been submitted, please expect to hear back from us with either an approval or a request for further information within 48 hours. If you are not contacted in one form or another within a few days, please let us know at

Your password must consist of a minimum of 6 characters and must contain both alphanumeric and numeric characters.

Please fill out this short application and press: SUBMIT

That's it for now - Thank you. If you have questions or want more details about the program, you can find our Pro Program FAQ here.

Please note that by signing up to be a Pro, you agree to be put on our monthly mailing list.